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Founded in 1890, the Buddhist Youth Association is traditional circle at Keio University. It is said that Professor Yukichi Fukuzawa was involved in the establishment of the circle. The advisor is Professor Sato, who is the abbot of Kotokuin Temple, famous for the Great Buddha in Kamakura.


The main activities of the group are to hold Zen meditation sessions and study sessions on Buddhism at the Buddhist Youth Hall in Hiyoshi. However, I can do anything I want related to Buddhism. We have toured temples around the country, fished for crayfish, and made damaged jeans.


Furthermore, those who want to interact with other universities can do so. Most of Keio's Buddhist Seishas are not from temples, so it is refreshing to interact with other universities. Most of them are concurrently working at the same time.


You do not have to have any knowledge of Buddhism. If you like visiting temples, if you like Buddhist statues, or if you are at all interested, please come!

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